General FAQs
How does bone conduction technology work?

Bone conduction is a natural part of the hearing process—sound travels through our eardrums and bones simultaneously. Our patented bone conduction technology produces sound via mini vibrations that travel through your cheekbones to your inner ears, bypassing your eardrums completely.

AfterShokz look like they fit differently in comparison to traditional headphones and earbuds. What’s special about the design and what are the benefits?

Instead of speakers that cover or nest inside your ears, AfterShokz transmits audio via a pair of transducers that rest on your cheekbones, leaving your ears uncovered and canals unblocked. Many people experience discomfort from headphones and earbuds — OpenFit™ eliminates common irritations through an unrivaled open ear design that offers supreme comfort, even during long-term use. Safety is another key benefit of our design — with nothing blocking or plugging your ears, maximum situational awareness is achieved.

Are AfterShokz sweat and moisture resistant?

Yes. Our headphones are durably designed for your active lifestyle and will reliably power through workouts and weather. They’re nanotechnology coated to repel sweat and moisture; however, they’re not waterproof and should not be submerged in water or left out in wet environments.

Is it possible to wear AfterShokz with glasses and sunglasses?

Yes. For the best fit, we recommend putting your AfterShokz on first, and slipping your glasses or sunglasses into place.

Can AfterShokz be worn with a protective helmet?

Absolutely. The headband wraps around the back, low enough to clear most protective helmets commonly used during activities such as cycling, skating and skiing.

Is it legal to drive while wearing AfterShokz?

In the U.S., laws vary by state with regard to the use of headphones while behind the wheel. Some require at least one ear to remain open in order to safely hear surrounding traffic sounds and other warning noises; others ban the use of headphones completely because of their traditional limitations that block or cover the ears. AfterShokz headphones transmit sound without plugging or blocking the ears at all, so in theory they’re safe and legal to use while driving. Because open ear headphones aren’t recognized by current laws, we can’t guarantee you won’t be cited if pulled over — but we can confidently say that our headphones don’t inhibit situational awareness in any way.

Will AfterShokz headphones work as a headset for communication when connected to a computer?

Yes. All our wireless models can act as a wireless stereo headset, for both audio and voice communication, when connected to a Bluetooth-enabled PC or Mac. Sportz M3 can act as a stereo headset for both audio and voice communication through a wired connection to a PC or Mac with a 3.5mm port. Because Sportz 3 is not equipped with a microphone, it would only be able to transmit audio from the computer for which it’s connected via the 3.5mm port.

Can AfterShokz be used to make/take calls?

Yes. All our wireless models are equipped with dual noise canceling microphones for making and taking phone calls when paired with a smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled device. Additionally, our Sportz M3 has a single noise canceling microphone for making and taking phone calls when plugged in to a smartphone via the 3.5mm cable.

Accessibility FAQs

Can AfterShokz be used as a hearing aid or a personal sound amplification device (PSAD)?

Unfortunately no. Though many people with hearing loss find bone conducted sound to work for them, the sound coming from the transducers is limited to the audio fed from the connected mobile device.

Can AfterShokz be used in conjunction with a hearing aid?

Yes. Because our headphones don’t go inside or over the ear, those wearing hearing aids can wear them to hear music and other audio from a connected mobile device with complete comfort.

I am deaf or having hearing loss in one or both of my ears. Would AfterShokz be a solution for me?

Many people with varying levels of hearing loss and deafness are able to experience great quality stereo sound using AfterShokz, in some cases for the first time in their lives! Bone conduction uses the cheekbones to transmit sound to the inner ears, bypassing the eardrums completely. However, those with damage to the cochlea wouldn’t likely benefit from bone conduction in the same way.

Trekz Titanium FAQs
What types of mobile devices will Trekz Titanium work with?

Trekz Titanium is equipped with Bluetooth® v4.1 and is compatible with all iOS and Android Bluetooth-ready devices, such as smartphones, tablets, Mac and PC computers and laptops. Standard pairing will vary per your mobile device.

Will Trekz Titanium support multipoint?

Yes, Trekz Titanium does support multipoint. You will be able to be connect your Trekz Titanium to two different devices simultaneously.

Are Trekz Titanium waterproof?

No. Trekz Titanium is designed to be dust, sweat and water resistant to handle the wear of everyday use of rigorous workouts and wicked weather. Trekz Titanium is safe for use during post workout activities, such as saunas and steam rooms, though we recommend you dry off excess moisture prior to storage in the included zipper case. Trekz Titanium are not recommended to be worn swimming or in the shower.

How do I wear Trekz Titanium?

Put Trekz Titanium on by curling them over your ears with the headband wrapping behind the back of your head, creating a secure fit.

What makes Trekz Titanium so flexible?

The frame of the headband is made of memory alloy with titanium as the main ingredient. Memory alloy allows large shape change (flexibility) while maintaining the original shape when force is removed. During deformation, memory alloy actually goes through a phase change which is what allows the elastic deformation to be reversible.

Can Trekz Titanium be worn with eyeglasses, sunglasses or a safety helmet?

Of course. For use with prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses, we recommend putting on your Trekz Titanium first, then slipping your glasses into place. You’ll notice the titanium band is quite flexible and will adjust easily into proper position on your cheekbones. For use with a helmet, simply shift the headband down, below the bottom edge of the helmet.

How long will the Trekz Titanium battery last?

Trekz Titanium is equipped with a rechargeable lithium ion battery that delivers six (6) hours of continuous play (replenish charge completely in 1.5 hours). You are also able use your Trekz Titanium while simultaneously charging them.

How do I charge Trekz Titanium?

Each Trekz Titanium is shipped with a standard micro-USB charging cable. You simply plug your headphones into a USB port in your computer or wall via the micro-USB charging cable and your unit will be fully charged in under two hours.

What’s the wireless range of Trekz Titanium?

Trekz Titanium will offer reliable connectivity within a wireless range of 33 ft (10m).

What colors does Trekz Titanium come in?

To start, Trekz Titanium™ are available in in Ocean (Blue/Black), Ivy (Green/Black), and Slate (Grey/Black).

Trekz Titanium User Guides

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Sportz 3/M3 FAQs

What battery life can I expect from my Sportz M3 / Sportz 3?

A single charge will reliably deliver 12 hours of music play and talk time (talk time only for Sportz 3). It take about two hours to fully charge once the battery has depleted entirely.

I’ve misplaced my charging cable — is it possible to get a replacement?

Sure. The charging cable is a standard micro-USB, so you may have one for another device that can be used; but if not, our Customer Service team will be happy to send a replacement.

Sportz 3 User Guides

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Sportz M3 User Guides

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Warranty FAQS

We have a 2-year warranty on all of our products. However, all warranty claims require you to first register your product. You will be emailed a registration code which you will use to submit a claim. If you have yet to register your product, click here.


After registering your product, click here to submit a warranty claim.

Note: We recommend you contact support@aftershokz.com prior to submitting a claim as we may be able to resolve your issue outside the claims process.


Our team handles warranty claims worldwide. No matter where you purchased your AfterShokz or where you currently reside, we will facilitate the handling of your claim as quickly as possible.